4 Reasons Why Your Heat Pump Keeps Shutting Off
  • June 9, 2019
  • Jason Curry
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4 Reasons Why Your Heat Pump Keeps Shutting Off

Is your heat pump’s heating and or cooling not in sync with the temperature setting on the thermostat? Short cycling may be to blame. Short cycling refers to malfunctioning heat pump systems shutting off and restarting several times or more throughout the day.

Below are four common heat pump issues responsible for short cycling:

1. Thermostat Inaccuracy

Short cycling can be due to thermostats inaccurately gauging temperature. When this happens, heat pumps shut off in heating and cooling modes before set temperatures are reached. The problem may be fixed by adjusting the thermostat’s heat anticipator. This can be done manually by the owner or by trained technicians.

Another possible cause is the thermostat was installed in the wrong place. In order to gauge air temperature accurately, thermostats must be placed in areas away from sunlight and outside air or drafts.

2. Wrong Sized Heat Pump 

This is the most expensive problem to fix. Short cycling may be due to a heat pump that is too powerful or weak for the designated space. Before installing heat pumps, a trained HVAC technician should perform a heat load calculation (also called a manual J calculation) in the space in which the heat pump is to be installed. The calculation determines the optimum heat pump power output for precise heating and cooling. If inexperienced technicians fail to perform the calculation or perform it incorrectly, it’s likely an oversized heat pump will be installed.

3. Clogged Air Filter

Heat pump air filters keep airborne contaminants from being sucked into the sensitive working parts of the system. But when air filters aren’t cleaned at prescribed service intervals, they eventually clog, causing restricted airflow, resulting in overheating. When heat pumps overheat, they shut down.

Short cycling from overheating can cause serious damage. To avoid this, check the air filter at the prescribed service intervals and clean or replace it as needed. In the extremely cold and hot seasons when heat pump usage levels are higher, checking air filters monthly is advisable.

4. Leaking Refrigerant

A heat pump’s air conditioning, or air-cooling function, is done through a process that relies on refrigerant. During cold weather, the refrigerant transfers heat from the outdoors, pressurizes it, then releases it into the inside space. But when a heat pump is leaking refrigerant, the heat pump will short cycle and fail to adequately heat the space. Ice buildup on the outdoor heat pump unit is a common sign of a refrigerant leak. When ice buildup is evident, a trained technician should be contacted ASAP.

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