How to clean commercial refrigeration condenser coils.
  • June 16, 2019
  • Jason Curry
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How to clean commercial refrigeration condenser coils.

For restaurants, dairies, and other food-centered businesses, poorly maintained commercial refrigeration equipment can lead to higher energy bills and expensive breakdowns.

These consequences aren’t hard to avoid.

Keeping refrigeration condenser coils clean contributes to maintaining optimal-operating refrigeration equipment and an uninterrupted flow of business.

What Refrigeration Condenser Coils Do

Condensor coils release heat from your refrigerator. But they can’t do this when they are clogged with dust and debris. As clogs persist, heat builds up in the wiring, motors, and compressors, eventually damaging the motor.

Keeping Refrigeration Coils Clean

Businesses that depend on commercial refrigeration equipment typically schedule inspections and cleanings once or twice per year. Like deep cleanings and Xrays during annual visits to the dentist, they are necessary, but not enough.

Brushing and flossing every day helps maintain healthy teeth and gums. Same goes for condenser coils; cleaning them once per month or as often as the buildup is noticeable contributes to a smooth-running refrigeration system.

How to Clean Condensor Coils

Items to gather: stiff brush, flathead screwdriver, shop vacuum cleaner, degreaser (if coils are greasy and grimy)

Cleaning Steps:

  • Refer to manufacturer manual before cleaning.
  • Remove all perishables from the refrigeration unit.
  • Unplug the unit or units you plan to clean.
  • Remove the grate to expose the condenser coils.
  • Using a stiff brush, brush away any buildup from the coils and fan.
  • Suck up any dust left behind using a vacuum hose and attachment.
  • Clean the grill cover plate with a stiff brush and degreaser.
  • Reattach the grate.
  • Vacuum and clean the floor under and around the refrigeration equipment.

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