5 Common Problems with Your Automotive Air Conditioning System

5 Common Problems with Your Automotive Air Conditioning System

If you want to enjoy driving your vehicle when it’s hot, you need efficient climate control.

The automotive air conditioning unit is the component responsible for ventilation and cooling.

With proper maintenance, your automotive air conditioning unit should provide long-term service.

Here are five common automotive air conditioning problems:

1. Contamination

Contamination may be the main culprit of your AC problems.

Before you perform repairs, you need to flush your air conditioning system to clear it of dirt and debris.

If the system is clogged, installing a new part will not fix it.

2. AC Leakage

An automotive air conditioning system cools a vehicle by using refrigerant, or freon, to remove the heat.

The freon cycles through the air conditioning system but, unlike petrol, is not consumed and does not run out.

It can, however, spill out through leakage. Leakage occurs due to wear and damage to the rubber seals, grommets, and O-rings in the automotive AC system.

To restore the performance of an automotive air conditioning system, replace degraded components with new ones.

3. Evaporator Failure

The evaporator absorbs heat during cooling. When the evaporator coils are damaged, replacement is the best option.

Repair and reconditioning are generally more expensive.

4. Compressor Issues

The compressor pumps refrigerant around the air conditioning system. If it fails, your whole system will likely quit working.

For a minor repair like a broken service clutch, you may have the option to repair the compressor. More often than not, compressor replacement is an effective solution.

5. Worn Belts

An automotive air conditioning system has belts and pulleys that connect to the engine.

Check them every six months or at least annually for wear and tear, and replace them as needed.

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