Ducted Heat Pump System : An Effective Home Heating & Cooling Solution

Ducted Heat Pump System : An Effective Home Heating & Cooling Solution

Choose energy efficient central heating and year-round climate control in Christchurch with a ducted heat pump system. If you are looking for an energy efficient, low noise, central heating solution for your Christchurch home, then ducted heat pump systems is the only solution for all your heating and cooling needs.

Ducted heat pump systems offer complete climate control for heating and cooling your entire house. Single-split and multi-split heat pumps can be installed easily, but ducted heat pump systems are more complex to install, so why are more and more people investing in the ducted heat pump system?

Highy Efficient

Ducted heat pump systems are an exceptional home heating and ventilation system. Unlike the split heat pumps which need strategic placement, this system benefits the whole house without losing the ability to control zones or particular rooms.

The whole house can be kept at a comfortable temperature expelling cold spots and chances for damp to develop. Ducted heating cycles the air between 2 and 5 times per hour, which keep the air moving and prevents stale air causing condensation.

Heat Pumps in Christchurch are not only efficient in the manner that they heat and cool your home, but they remain the most cost-effective approach to warm your home as well.

Low Noise Production

One of the drawbacks of the single-split and multi-split heat pumps is that they need the internal unit to be mounted in the room, and generally in a very noticeable place on the wall. The traditional heat pumps take up valuable space and can detract from your interior design. All ducted heating system hardware is located out of sight in the roof cavities and ceiling. The only visible parts of the system are the vents and the control pad on the wall.

The ducted system doesn’t depend on a forced fan system and so are exceptionally quiet. Although the noise from single-split and multi-split heat pumps is just marginally higher than ambient noise levels, the noise from a ducted heat pump system is almost silent. You won’t hear that they are on when they are heating your home, which adds to their appeal.

Chillwell installs ducted Heat Pumps in Christchurch but note that not every home is suitable to have one installed. If you are thinking about upgrading your heating to include a ducted heat pump system, we will need to assess your space. Our trained technicians will inspect your home to confirm whether it is the reliable heating solution to meet your needs.

Call us today to know more about our heating and cooling solutions that complements your lifestyle.

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