3 Heat Pump Problem Signs You Should Never Ignore

3 Heat Pump Problem Signs You Should Never Ignore

Heat pumps are among the best residential heating and cooling options in Christchurch for three simple reasons:

  1. They consistently maintain temperatures that match the numeric display on the digital thermostat.
  2. They are more energy-efficient than central heat systems.
  3. They are more durable than central heat systems.

With regular heat pump service in Christchurch, you can get on average fifteen years of service life out of a heat pump. But long service life depends on regular maintenance by trained technicians.

Heat pump maintenance should start from the first full year of use. A unit’s durability depends on three factors:

  • how it’s used
  • how frequently it’s serviced
  • the local climate

Heat pumps in the cold Christchurch region need a defrost cycle to prevent ice from accumulating on the coil (the coil of the outside unit). Ice accumulates on the coil ruins a heat pump’s capacity to generate heat.

However, even a well-maintained heat pump system will eventually fail. When it comes to calling heat pump technicians about problems, most residents call when they notice something obvious like their unit making strange noises or emitting strange odours.

But it’s critical to be aware of other, less obvious signs that a heat pump needs immediate attention.

Three easy-to-miss signs that a heat pump is malfunctioning:

1. The heat pump is not generating the desired air temperature.

If you need to keep checking your heat pump’s settings because the temperature feels too cold or too warm, something is probably wrong.

When functioning normally, there may be the odd moment your unit generates warm instead of cool air and vice versa.

However, when it completely fails to generate warm or cool air, the unit is malfunctioning.

2. The heat pump is short cycling.

Heat pumps run most efficiently at consistent temperature settings. They maintain their efficiency by switching off and on in repeated, constant cycles.

However, when a heat pump switches off and on before completing its normal cycle, it has undergone a malfunction known as short-cycling.  Short cycling ruins energy efficiency.

3. The heat pump is generating inconsistent temperature and humidity.

If you notice hot or cold pockets or condensation in different areas in your home, something is wrong with your heat pump. Generally, repairs solve the issue.

But if the issue persists after the repairs, you will need a new heat pump installation.

Call your Christchurch heat pump repair professionals!

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above,  we recommend you contact a professional heat pump technician as soon as possible. To stay comfortable in the summer and winter months, you need your heat pump to perform optimally.

Chillwell’s technicians will investigate any heat pump issues you have and advise on practical solutions. Contact us today for cost-effective heat pump repair and service in Christchurch.

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