Heat Pump Signs You Should Never Ignore

Heat pumps are among the best residential heating and cooling options in Christchurch. They maintain set temperatures and are energy-efficient and durable.

With regular Heat Pump Service in Christchurch, you can get between ten and fifteen years of service life out of your heat pump. Heat pump maintenance should start from the first full year of use. Your heat pump’s durability will depend on how you use it, how frequently you have it serviced, and on the local climate.

Heat Pumps in the cold Christchurch region need to have an effective defrost cycle. This will prevent the accumulation of ice on the coil which ruins a heat pump’s capacity to generate heat.

However, even a well-maintained heat pump system will fail at some point. You would probably call a technician if your unit started making strange noises or emitting strange odours. But there are several other less obvious signs your heat pump needs immediate attention.

1. The heat pump is not generating the desired air temperature.

If you have to keep checking your heat pump’s settings because the temperature feels too cold or too warm, something is probably wrong. During normal use, there may be the odd moment when your unit generates warm air instead of cool and vice versa. However, this should not be a regular occurrence. If your unit fails to generate warm or cool air completely, it can be an indication of a serious issue.

2. The heat pump is short cycling.

The advantage of a heat pump is that it maintains a set temperature. To ensure this the heat pump will cycle on and off now and then; however if you notice that it shuts on and off, again and again, it is malfunctioning.

3. The heat pump is generating inconsistent temperature and humidity.

If you experience hot or cold areas in your home or notice condensation in particular rooms, there is something wrong with your heat pump. Generally, this can be resolved through repairs. But if the issue persists, you will need a new heat pump installation.

If you detect any of the above-mentioned signs, contact heat pump professionals. To stay comfortable in summer and winter months, your heat pump needs to be performing at its optimum capacity.

Call the heat pump repair pros.

Chillwell technicians will investigate any heat pump issues that you have and advise on practical solutions. Contact us today for cost-effective heat pump repair and service in Christchurch.