Why You Should Invest in a Heat Pump?
  • August 16, 2021
  • Jason Curry

Why You Should Invest in a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are so popular in Christchurch because they provide both heating and cooling effect in a highly compact and efficient system. Despite its small size, a heat pump offers exceptional benefits when chosen and properly installed by experienced heat pump professionals.

Know How Your Heat Pump System Works

Heat pump air conditioning systems use a unique process that captures existing heat energy from outdoor air to warm your home. A liquid refrigerant absorbs energy from outside and transfers it inside to raise the temperature. To cool your home during summer months, the whole process reverses. The heat pump captures energy inside your home and draws it to the outside atmosphere to lower the indoor temperature to a more comfortable level.

How Heat Pumps Save Your Money

Your heat pump systems can heat and cool your home, so there is no need to purchase separate systems for summer and winter. This saves your money, but the main cost benefits come from lower energy bills. Heat pumps transfer energy rather than burning fuel to create it, making them both highly efficient and environmentally friendly systems.

Heat Pumps in Christchurch

Even if you have traditional heating and cooling system in your home, there may still be room for a heat pump. Especially if certain rooms are not well serviced by your boiler or central air conditioning systems. In these cases, a ductless heat pump system is the perfect addition to your home.

Ductless heat pumps come in two parts—an outdoor condenser unit and one or more indoor units that delivers warm or cool air to rooms that need it. Make your room comfortable without affecting thermostat settings of your space.

Heat pump systems need professional installation, repair, and maintenance services in order to function properly when you need them most. That is why you should hire professionals for proper installation of Heat Pumps in Christchurch.

Choose Heat Pump Professionals

Chillwell professionals can help you in choosing the best heat pump air conditioning system for your home or business. We can design, supply, install, repair, maintain, and service any brand and type of heat pump in Christchurch. Contact us today to know more about our heat pumps.

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