Is it Time to Say ‘GOODBYE’ to Your Air Conditioner?

Is it Time to Say ‘GOODBYE’ to Your Air Conditioner?

Saying goodbye isn’t always easy. But sometimes you have to say goodbye. In the case of living in a home with an older or outdated air conditioning system, it’s best to say it sooner rather than later.

Letting go of an old, worn-out air conditioning system is one of the best ways to improve efficiency and save money.

Below are some of the signs that signal it’s time to replace your Air Conditioning in Christchurch. 

It’s Old or Outdated Air Conditioner

Your air conditioning system was built to last between 10 to 15 years. But it nears the end of its service life, it becomes less and less efficient compared to new models. Therefore, if your air conditioner has aged close to or beyond average service life, it’s time to consider a replacement.

It No Longer Keeps You Cool

The essential role of your air conditioner is to keep you and your family cool and comfortable when temperatures outside rise above comfortable levels. Have you stared at your thermostat and wondered why setting your system to the coolest possible temperature setting barely keeps your home cool these days?

Needs Frequent Repairs

Your air conditioner should not require more than one or two repairs every few years. If it needs more than that, it is likely that it needs to be replaced. As a rule of thumb, spending 50% or more of the expense of a new air conditioning system on repairs means that it would be better to invest in a replacement.

It’s Costing You More Money

If you notice that you are paying more and more to keep your home cool, it could be that it’s time to replace your air conditioner. High energy bills are an indication that your AC is no longer efficient. Investing in a new AC may just be the most ideal approach to cut back on monthly expenses.

Hire Professional for Air Conditioning Replacement

If you realise the time has come for a replacement, be sure to contact your local air conditioning professionals in Christchurch. At Chillwell, our trained technicians can inspect your system and decide whether it’s time for a new air conditioning system. if it is, one of our air conditioning professionals will be able to match you with a system that will best meet your air conditioning needs.

Feel free to contact us today to know more about our quality air conditioning services in the Christchurch area.

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