Your Business Needs A New Heat Pump? 6 Things To Consider Before Buying
  • June 4, 2019
  • Jason Curry
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Your Business Needs A New Heat Pump? 6 Things To Consider Before Buying

Heat pumps provide reliable, energy efficient comfort your customers and employees need. Below are six important factors to take into consideration before making a purchase decision.

1. The Contractor

  • Choosing the right heat pump starts with choosing the right company to supply and install it. Trained technicians can help you narrow down the options as you provide them with details like budget, building dimensions, and décor.

2. The Cost

  • Standard heat pump systems cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000, whereas super-energy efficient geothermal, or ground source systems cost between $10,000 and $25,000. Though they require more capital investment than standard heat pump systems, the cheaper operating costs of Geothermal systems adds up to significant savings in the long run.

3. The Type of Heat Pump

  • The size of the space is a major factor in narrowing down the choices. A multi-level restaurant has different heating and cooling requirements than a café or dairy. Professional contractors and companies usually supply and install a full range of heat pumps, including commercial multi-systems, rooftop packaged units, ducted systems, floor consoles, highwalls, and cassettes.

4. The Type of Thermostat

  • You have a choice among standard, Wi-Fi, and programmable thermostats. Some Wi-Fi models feature energy usage analytics for monitoring energy consumption.

5. Existing Insulation

  • The more insulation a building has, the less powerful the heating system required to heat it.

6. Ventilation and Heat Recovery Systems

  • People working inside need a constant supply of fresh air. Ventilation and heat recovery systems can be integrated into heat pump systems or installed separately.


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