Three Easy Ways to Maximize Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment
  • April 24, 2018
  • Jason Curry
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Three Easy Ways to Maximize Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

In the long run, poorly maintained refrigeration equipment wastes a lot of energy and money. Below are three easy steps your business can take to ensure your refrigeration equipment contributes to a healthy bottom line while making a lean carbon footprint.

1. Avoid Emergency Repairs

Machine components break down as they age. Worn parts and faulty electrical connections eventually fail. Can you afford the loss of entire shipments of perishables when your refrigeration equipment shuts down? Qualified refrigeration engineers know what to look for. They will inspect and clean the wiring, and replace worn out parts like condenser coils, gaskets, faulty seals, hinges and door handles.

Thorough inspections by qualified technicians done once or twice yearly will greatly reduce the risk of expensive, unexpected breakdowns.

2. Keep The Inside Clean

Waiting until the ice is caked with mold spots and dirt to clean your ice machines is a recipe for lost clientele and lawsuits. Dirt and mold looks bad and it can harbor harmful bacteria and viruses like Listeria, Salmonella, and E. Coli. Customer complaints.

Scheduling refrigeration engineers to clean your refrigeration systems at least once or twice per year (and up to once per month at higher usage levels) will prevent these health and legal-related dangers.

3. Keep Up with Service and Maintenance

Professional service and maintenance by qualified professionals ensure refrigerators and freezers continue to operate at peak efficiency. This lowers energy costs and allows units to last through the full term of their service lives.

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